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The relationship between IP Global Momentum Equity Fund and Emperor.


Trailblazing to the summit of your investment objectives is a journey that requires a team of experts who have great passion for steering every investor in the direction that will lead to success, regardless of the market conditions that lie ahead.

According to FundsData, The Global Momentum Equity Fund has ranked as a top performing equity fund in the last three years to date. The fund is constructed and managed by our incredible Emperor Asset Management team who you can read more about here.

What is the IP Global Momentum Equity fund and who is it for?

Constructed on one of the building blocks that make up Emperor’s portfolios – is the IP Global Momentum Equity Fund, a moderate to high risk global equity fund which aims at attaining capital appreciation. This also includes investing in companies that have a history in strong performance, with focus on their price momentum for a period of over six months and a year.

Investors looking for long-term capital growth and exposure to foreign markets may find this equity fund appealing. Emperor’s asset managers are behind putting strategies in place to ensure that portfolio objectives are met.

Kudos to Emperor Asset Managers on a first-rate managing of the IP Global Momentum Equity Fund.

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