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Are you someone who likes keeping a diverse portfolio, but don’t want to actively manage your investments? Whether this is because you don’t feel like you have the knowledge, or you just want an expert’s help then the new Thematic Bundles by Emperor Asset Management (EAM) might be for you. 

We believe in “Investing in your goals” and thus want to provide the opportunity to grow your investments with some new and exciting offerings under four new themes chosen by our Fund Managers that are getting a lot of attention. Our goal is to give our investors exposure to international markets. Building a robust portfolio within the chosen themes that allows clients access to some really innovative brands.

Emperor’s New Bundles

Emperor is offering a new range of Thematic Bundles exclusively on EasyEquities that allow you to have a professionally managed portfolio within the themes of Fintech, Cloud, Brands and Battle for Attention.

Our fund managers carefully selected these funds using both qualitative and quantitative metrics that they believe will give customers the opportunity for aggressive growth over the long term with access to a strong range of companies within these themes.

Emperor’s New Thematic Bundles


Financial Technology (Fintech) companies are the companies that are disrupting the financial services industry and bringing more convenience and security to online payment systems of the past. This sector has become more attractive during the current pandemic, as more retail shopping moves online, allowing consumers the opportunity to buy goods and services as easily as they usually would in a physical shop. The top three holdings EAM has selected in this category are Square (SQ), Sea Limited (SE) and Shopify (SHOP).

To invest in this bundle click HERE



Another category that is ever growing in its importance to the consumer, Cloud Solutions. As more work has to be done remotely, companies and individuals alike need the security and ease of the cloud to get their work done and store their documents securely. The companies in this sector also provide infrastructure to developers making it easier to build new platforms, making it faster to build new businesses and products in the ever-developing tech world. The top 3 holdings in the Thematic Cloud bundle are Veeva Systems (VEEV) , Atlassian Corporation PLC (TEAM) and Unity Software Technologies (U).

To invest in this bundle click HERE



Brand names have always been the mainstay of many investors’ portfolios. As consumers become increasingly reliant on technology, brands can use this technology to their advantage, reaching customers in new ways and working with their clientele like never before. People across the globe build loyalty to their favourite brands and trust brands as if they were personal friends. Having customers fiercely loyal to your brand ensures that they will keep coming back.

Our fund managers chose brands that they believe are poised to show investors brands can return their loyalty and increase their investment profitability. The top 3 selected brands in this bundle include Nike (NKE), Tesla (TSLA) and Lululemon (LULU).

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Battle for Attention

The Battle for Attention is another multiplatform bundle that includes those brands that are trying to engage your attention as much as possible. The name for this bundle was chosen after the Netflix CEO was asked who their biggest competitor was, and he said, “Sleep”. The more time you spend on your devices, either consuming or creating content, the more you are doing to ensure that these brands continue to be successful. These brands target many different audiences and use multiple points to attract your attention including focusing your attention on your friends’ content. The top three holdings in the bundle, Battle for Attention are, Sea Limited (SEE), Nvidia (NVDA) and Roku Incorporated (ROKU).

To invest in this bundle click HERE


Thematic Bundle Roundup

Overall, the companies in these bundles are up and coming continuously innovative brands that are fighting to change the way consumers behave and making life easier for them, but also creating a reliance on these brands. The investment outlook is good as we become more dependent on technology.

Follow our blog over the coming months as we take a deeper dive into each of these categories explain more about these themes and show you a little bit about how our Fund Managers make the decisions for these bundles and most importantly try to grow your money.


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