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Lifestyle matters, even after Retirement.

I have a friend who is turning 80 years old this year and has been retired since 1999, but he still lives his life as much as he had lived it before retirement. He still enjoys and affords a leisurely holiday now and then. He goes trekking, exploring, and seeing parts of the world he had never visited before. He has never lost his lifestyle and he still enjoys the outdoors as much as he did those years ago. 

How can he afford all of that when he does not work anymore? I have often asked myself. The answers to my questions have always revealed themselves to me. “Because he saved and invested enough while he still could”. That is the magic wand - Invest and save for your lifestyle after retirements. A life with no lifestyle is not life at all. 

I was very privileged to be the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the South African Association of Retired persons. Even though they had come to listen to my adventure experiences, I was interested to learn that even though they are retired people, they still go out to do group hikes, walks and lots of other lifestyle excursions. The question to me was “would I be able to maintain some type of lifestyle when I am over the age of 60?” It is a question that haunts me every day when I find myself unable to afford even some of my basic needs. I love road running, hiking, mountaineering. Would I afford any of these lifestyle activities at my retirement age? Would I still afford a good pair of running shoes? Not without saving and investing aggressively, to ensure that one day when I am a senior citizen, I am still able to go to the national park for a few days’ holidays. 

 The above experiences have reminded me that I must never stop thinking and planning for that inevitable day “Retirement.” Because if I do not plan and invest well in preparation for it, then when retirement catches up with me (because it will), it would be my retirement from lifestyle and life itself. But retirement should never be a retirement from your preferred lifestyles. Therefore, it is best to invest in products that will afford you a lifestyle after retirement. That is why I try to remain steadfast even during these difficult times to invest the little I earn. I do that with the best in the country - Emperor Asset Management, who have a range of products to suit you and me.

 Question to ponder on: “Will you afford your current lifestyle when you no longer earn through the medium you have currently?”

If the question gets you thinking, then you might want to have a look at one of our products at Emperor Asset Management here. It is never too late to start!

Happy Investing!

Sibusiso Vilane



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