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Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity.” — Carlos Slim. A quote Sibusiso firmly lives by.


I went to the shop today to buy some house necessities and I was reminded that I have not had an income in a year. Yes, twelve months have passed and gone without a single pay, yet every month end I go to the shops to buy house groceries and pay fixed rates. 

You might ask yourself how I have managed to still afford what I need; well, the answer is simple! It is purely because, in the many years that I was earning, I decided to invest a portion of those earnings regardless of how little they were. Those small investments which I forced myself to commit to, when the opportunities were availed, have yielded profits which are now my nest egg in these times of need.

Financial investment is an opportunity for us to still live and afford our lifestyles. Spending money these days, reminds me of the value and benefits of investing. I am glad that I had recognized back then that it was a great opportunity for me to invest. Investing has afforded me the ability to still be able to meet all my financial obligations, i.e.: buying groceries, paying the children’s school fees, and meeting all our household needs. 

I am constantly reminded of the “what if " question. What if I had not decided to invest? What if I was still paying a bond? What if I had car installments to pay? What if I did not have an investment to fall back on? My life and the lives of the people I value and care much about would be a misery.

Never miss an opportunity when it presents itself, make it count while you can and start investing a percentage of your income as soon as you start earning.

Happy Investing,

Sibusiso Vilane 



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